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1. Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
2. Neurological Physiotherapy
3. Geriatric Physiotherapy
4. Post-Operative Physiotherapy
5. Pediatric Physiotherapy
6. Stroke Physiotherapy
7. Chest Physiotherapy
8. Gynecological Physiotherapy
9. Sports Physiotherapy
10. All Kind of Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation

Nursing Care

1. Total Nursing care
2. IV Cannula insertion
3. NG-tube insertion
4. Catheterization
5. Dressing wounds
6. Medication management
7. Oxygen support
8. Maintain health records

Medical Assistant

1. Turning and repositioning
2. 2. 24/7 personal Healthcare
3. Transfer assistance
4. Medication Health records
5. Hygiene maintenance

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One of the most important goals of healthcare is to provide better quality care to elderly or injured patients in the most feasible way. Healthcare at home is the most sought after option that allows the patients to receive day-to-day help with the personal care they need, preserving their dignity and maintaining a good quality of life. For many families, it is an affordable and a beneficial choice to put their elderly or the sick ones under the observation and care of home care experts as the primary benefits of home health care include:

Monetary satisfaction

One of the most significant and favorable advantages of healthcare services at home is that it costs much less than keeping a patient in a healing center or hospital. Home based healthcare experts give the full bouquet of services to individuals who are released from the doctor’s facility yet need certain medicinal care all through the length of their recuperation. Apart from this, it also saves you the visiting costs of the doctor and your time by seeking the same amount of care at home itself.


What numerous individuals like about home care is that it enables a patient to recuperate in the solace and comfort of their own home. Patients get individualized care intended to meet their particular needs. By and large, home care defers the requirement for families to put an elderly one in a nursing care center. Keeping up autonomy is another essential favorable position that home wellbeing administrations offer.

Nature of Care

Another essential advantage of home care is that patients get one-on-one consideration, something they would not get as an occupant in a healing center. When patients are monitored on a continuous basis and health care providers are able to access real time data, diseases are treated before they get out of hand.

Family Participation

Assistance from loved ones is another motivation behind why a few people pick home care. Relatives can be effectively associated with a friend or family member’s care, and nurturing the individual in his own home condition takes into account greater adaptability. This may make it less demanding to build up a day by day schedule that works for everybody.

Improved Management of Drugs

The management of drugs/ medicines is a major task when it comes to taking proper care. Most family members are not trained to provide the kind of help patients need and having in-home professional help relieves them of the need to do work for which they are not prepared. Home health care professionals can ensure the right medications are being taken at the right times to control health conditions and prevent harmful drug reactions – Hence, an in-house health expert is always a good option without any risks.

Offers Plenty of Choices

Healthcare at home enables people to stay autonomous and have more control of their day by day plan. Along these lines, they can keep up with their relationships at home while seeking the professional care alongside. Home care providers use this opportunity to give their clients the emotional and physical support they require as opposed to the understaffed or underfunded institutions lodging many individuals.

Only professional Healthcare agency concentrating on the health of patients and providing the best aides in the respective fields of Physiotherapy, Nursing, Medical Assistant and Medical CareGiver.

Dr Janelle Chambers

Our team

Dr Janelle Chambers is is dedicated to providing her patients with the best possible care. We at MediCare are focused on helping you. After receiving successful care for various aches and pains over the years, Dr Chambers found her calling to help others get well.

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TRUE STORY: I love my mother. She is only 83 years young. She is suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease, Electrolyte Imbalance and severe Depression. She loves her bed with an air mattress. She can not get up from her comfortable bed. I called a local hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh and asked if they had any nurses to come to our home for 8 hours to take care of my ailing mother. They said all the nurses were preoccupied with in-patients. I asked if they did provide- Health Care at Home? They said that they did not. My mind clicked, How about starting a Health Care at Home Company? There we go. Talked to one of my Doctor friends over dinner and took an initiative to start. He did his Bachelors’ of Medicine and Surgery from Dhaka Medical College 32 years back and M.Sc in Sports Medicine from the United Kingdom. I did my Bachelors’ of Medicine and Surgery from the same institution and studied in Rush Medical College, Chicago, obtained 230 Continuing Medical Education Credit hours and trained in Healthcare At Home in the USA and worked in Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, New York in Home Care for a long 14 years. We are bringing Physicians, Nurses, Physiotherapists and Medical Assistants to your door steps. With adequate resources and passion we hope to dynamically change the Healthcare industry and make it accessible for everyone. I love my country and hope with HealthCare At Home we can achieve a healthy and happy Bangladesh.

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The most professional healthcare service at home. I would highly recommend everyone to avail their services regarding any health queries! Especially in these dire covid-19 times.

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Very professional and prompt service. Would highly recommend. A very practical way to get health care during these times of social paranoia.

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this is the only platform who provides amazing health care to your door step in just one call 🙂 They are available 24/7 with fast response Well done.

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